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Welcome to Yenze Theatre Conservatoire


Yenze Theatre Conservatoire is a leading acting school in the Kampala cosmopolitan area. We play a defining role in the cultural life of Kampala  Capital City by nurturing excellence in an actor's performance and personal character. We are committed to supporting the performing arts and generating a greater appreciation of it by the masses.

Our Alumni Testimonials

Michael P. Tamale
“Learning at YTC was excellent! It was a living experience. Two topics that were a challenge for me were Archetypal gestures and the Meisner technique. I found both difficult at first and really challenging physically and mentally. The challenge made them a highlight for me. I have learned to be present. To commit 100% to whatever one is doing. All the techniques we were being taught were to aid us in making strong choices/decisions in our practice as an actor. With the knowledge learned one can know exactly what one is doing with each line, with each character etc.  I learned to be willing to work as a team because the arts are collaborative in nature. You either work with people, or not at all and finally to be flexible and allow oneself to be moved by direction and one's scene partner.”

Michael P. Tamale, 2022